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OPTIMA:1802-7 Spacer Washer
OPTIMA:1208 Set Screw M4 x 5
MEGA:600-373 Wheel Lock
MEGA:600-622 Cord Restraint
TPG-432 JT-C5 TPG-432 JT-C5
MEGA:600-371 Special Socket Cap Screw
7-2mm 2756..78 Required Tool Ho 7-2mm 2756..78 Required Tool Ho
29/64` "B" Style Collet 29/64` "B" Style Collet
3/16' "B" Style Collet 3/16' "B" Style Collet
37/64` "B" Style Collet 37/64` "B" Style Collet
OPTIMA:1108 Compensating Washer
OPTIMA:105 Screw
OPTIMA:1105 Hex Socket Screw M6 x 20
MEGA:600-304 Feed Ring
OPTIMA:1801-1 Set Of 4 Jaws
106 Bolt #106, Main Bolt for holding main wheel flange..on to your OPTIMA.
MEGA:600-364 Hand Wheel
31/64` "B" Style Collet 31/64` "B" Style Collet
OPTIMA:1112 Countersunk Screw M3 x 10
MEGA:600-356 Wheel Flange Plate
Grinding Wheel #32 #32, 180 Grit 3/8' Wide Aluminum Oxide Vitrified Bond 2' Diameter
35/64` "B" Style Collet 35/64` "B" Style Collet
OPTIMA:1801-6 Locking Handle
OPTIMA:1116 Hex Nut M8
MEGA:600-603 Dust Connection
MEGA:600-277 Set Screw M4x6 See#1301
MEGA:600-228 Set Screw M6x16
MEGA:600-363 Wheel Weight
105 Screw- 105 Screw
MEGA:600-306 Index Pin 180 Degree See 600-211
MEGA:600-271 Socket Cap Screw M6 x 16 (See Optima #105)
39/64` "B" Style Collet 39/64` "B" Style Collet
OPTIMA:204 Locking Plate
OPTIMA:1510 Set Screw M7 x 15
MEGA:600-355A Wheel Flange Assembly
OPTIMA:1851 Bag Of Mixed Screws
MEGA:600-146 Socket Cap Screw M5x25
OPTIMA:5Z Rubber Sleeve
OPTIMA:1830 Signal Lamp Assembly Complete
MEGA:600-102 Swivel Shaft
OPTIMA:521 Tensioning Cone
MEGA:600-204 Threaded Insert
MEGA:600-361 Spacer
MEGA:600-302 Threaded Insert
OPTIMA:1827-A Motor Switch Complete
MEGA:600-205 Feed Scale
OPTIMA:1204 Tapered Roller Bearing  30203
MEGA:600-265 Bulb
OPTIMA:1610 Spring Rolled Pin  M2 x 10
OPTIMA:1704 Mushroom Handle
MEGA:600-255 Rubber Wheel
OPTIMA:1864 Rivet for #1863
5/8` "B" Style Collet 5/8` "B" Style Collet
OPTIMA:1121 Hex Socket Screw M6 x 20
MEGA:600-207 Guide Bushing
OPTIMA:1506 Anti-Friction Bearing ULZ
OPTIMA:1802 Drill Chuck  4 Jaws  .2362 - .3937 Dia
MEGA:600-104 Spacer
OPTIMA:1802-3 Chuck Housing
OPTIMA:303 Stop Screw
OPTIMA:307 Swivel Bolt (Sold as assembly 305,306,307)
OPTIMA:413 Threaded Ring for #402
Instruction Manual Instruction Manual
MEGA:600-002 Focus Ring
MEGA:600-001 Housing
DNGA-432 JT-5 DNGA-432 JT-5JT-5
MEGA:600-131 Bushing
MEGA:600-481 10 Watt 6 Volt Halogen Bulb M29-6v/10w
MEGA:600-263 Tension Spring
OPTIMA:1801:DA Collet Set CE-RD110014 Collet Set
MEGA MegaPoint Drill Grinder
MEGA:600-211 Index Pin 120 Degree
Grinding Wheel #46 Grinding Wheel #46  400 Grit Diamond
OPTIMA:1412 Projection Bulb, 6v 18w (Sold in lots of 10)
MEGA:600-106 Index Pin Guide Screws
OPTIMA:1413 Viewing Screen
MEGA:600-111 Felt Wipers
OPTIMA:1412-A Projection Bulb, 3.7v (Sold in lots of 10)
MEGA:600-354 Fly Wheel
MEGA:600-206 Feed Ring
Grinding Wheel #68 Grinding Wheel #68 120 Grit 3/8' Wide Diamond 2' Diameter
OPTIMA:3-Z 3-Z Rubber Sleeve
MEGA:600-202B Lens Holder (1" Diameter)
MEGA:600-215 Socket Cap Screw
MEGA:600-220 Compression Spring
OPTIMA:1802-4 Draw Bushing
OPTIMA:702 Pulling Shaft
MEGA:600-251 Cam Flange
MEGA:600-253 Switch Bracket
MEGA:600-260 Lock Bolt
MEGA:600-281 Hex Nut M6
OPTIMA:1207 Hex Socket Screw M5 x 30
OPTIMA:525 Rocker Arm
MEGA:600-350 Mega-Point Motor
MEGA:600-210 Index Pin 180 Degree
OPTIMA:529 Comparitor
CPMT 3.20 JT-C5 CPMT 3.20 JT-C5
MEGA:600-372 Truing Diamond M8xl6
MEGA:MEGA-VAC Exhaust 1 ph, 110 v 3/4 hp
MEGA:600-352 Front Motor Flange
MEGA:600-358 Outer Wheel Guard
MEGA:600-201 Swivel Arm
OPTIMA:1203 Round Cord Ring
MEGA:600-152 Swivel Shaft
OPTIMA:6202 Ball Bearing
MEGA:600-209 Split Rings (1 Set)
MEGA:600-359A Wheel Guard Complete
OPTIMA:1414 Hex Socket Screw M4 x 10 (See Optima #1201)
OPTIMA:1415 Set Screw M5 x 8
OPTIMA:1859 Motor Assembly
OPTIMA:1805 Collet Holder Complete less Collets (Specify A Style, 3.565” Long; Or B Style,1.960” Long)
OPTIMA:703-1 Retaining Ring M8
MEGA:600-226 Socket Cap Screw M3x8
OPTIMA:1307 Countersunk Screw M4 x 10
OPTIMA:1809M-C0 Metric 19.0 - 19.5
Grinding Wheel #35 #35, 180 Grit 3/32" Wide
MEGA:600-252 Lock Ring
OPTIMA:1805-1B Sleeve For Type B Collet
OPTIMA:706 Lever
OPTIMA:1807 Set Of 8 Collets .590/.750”Dia
MEGA:600-256 Roller Bolt
OPTIMA:1807-A Set Of 13 Collets .4062 - .5938B Style
OPTIMA:708 Guide Bushing
MEGA:600-262 Ball Bearing
Gear Shift Cables Gear Shift Cables..
MEGA:600-264 Bulb Socket
Foot cable assby only Foot cable assby only
MEGA:600-270 Slotted Screw M4x6
OPTIMA:1807M-B Set Of 12 Style B Collets M4/M10
OPTIMA:710 Spacing Sleeve
OPTIMA:1808 Drill Holder w/14 Metric Collets #2,#3 Morse Taper Sleeves .750-1.0
OPTIMA:1809M-B25 Metric  8.0 - 8.5
OPTIMA:1809M-B24 Metric 11 - 12
OPTIMA:1809-B8 41/64" .6406
OPTIMA:1809 Single Collet
OPTIMA:1809-B9 21/32" .6563
Dust / Vac Guard Dust / Vac Guard
1826A Tranformer, 3.7V 1826A Transformer, 3.7V
OPTIMA:1809M-B11 Metric  13.0 - 13.5
MEGA:600-362 Setting And Truing Plate
MEGA:600-369 Lock Collar
CPMT32.50JT5 CPMT32.50JT5
MEGA:600-360 Shaft
Assembled Motor Assembled Motor / Pump Kit 7.5hp 480v / 3 phase
100875 100875, 10'60T Cut-off
CNMG431JT850 CNMG431JT850
MEGA:600-370A M6 x 20 New Style
OPTIMA:1809M-A4 Metric  13.5 - 14.0  .5315 - .5312
17/32"  "B" Style Collet 17/32"  "B" Style Collet
MEGA:600-351 Motor Housing
MEGA:600-560 Socket Cap Screw M5x20
OPTIMA:1809-B4 35/64" .5469
OPTIMA:1809-B21 15/32" .4688
6525968 Stanley  Retract Blade Utility Knife 10--099
OPTIMA:1809M-A2 Metric  11.5 - 12.0  .4528 - .4724
MEGA:600-355 Wheel Flange Hub
OPTIMA:1107 Ball Bearing 6201zz
7/32" B Style Collet 7/32" B Style Collet
MEGA:600-608 Machine Base
OPTIMA:1205 Set Screw M6 x 10 (Cone Tip)
MEGA:600-712 Nosepiece Mp-6.5
1.0 Small 1.0 - 6.6mm .0394" _  
OPTIMA:1809M-B4 Metric  6.5 - 7.0
OPTIMA:90 Housing
MEGA:600-601 Machine Housing
OPTIMA:1809M-B14 Metric  14.5 - 15.0
MEGA:600-303 Feed Scale
MEGA:600-370 Cone Point Socket Cap Screw M6 x 12 Old Style
OPTIMA:1114 Ball Diameter  .1969"  M5
MEGA:600-562 Flat Head Screw M5xl2
MEGA:600-385 Ball
OPTIMA:1118 Hex Socket Screw M6 x 15
MEGA:600-628 Screw M2.5x8
OPTIMA:1809M-A1 Metric  10.5 - 11.0  .4134 - .4331
TPG-431 JT-5 TIN TPG-431 JT-5 TIN
MEGA:600-301 Swivel Arm
OPTIMA:106 Bolt
MEGA:600-718 Collet Clamp
OPTIMA:1111 Stop Screw
MEGA:600-800 Circuit Board
OPTIMA:1101-C Ball Head (Small)
OPTIMA:1101-B Ball Head (Medium)
MEGA:600-462 14 - Power Lens
OPTIMA:1103 Stator  4 wire
MEGA:600-716 Collet Holder Body Mp-20
OPTIMA:1809-B0 7/16" .4375
OPTIMA:1809M-A6 Metric  15.5 - 16.0  .6102 - .6299
MEGA:600-390 Compression Spring
OP-FELT Felt pads
OPTIMA:1809M-A7 Metric  16.0 - 16.5  .6299 - .6496
OPTIMA:111 Handle
MEGA:600-721 Index Sleeve Mp-30
MEGA:600-742 Collet, 6.5mm
MEGA:600-751 Collet, 7.0mm
MEGA:600-790 Ball Bearing
MEGA:600-774 Collet, 28.0mm
OPTIMA:Training DVD Training DVD for Optima / MegaPoint drill grinders
OPTIMA:101 Flange Plate Sold as set (101,102,103)
OPTIMA:103 Balancing Weights (Sold in lots of 3) (Add 3x PN 1122)
MEGA:600-359 Cover Hub
MEGA:600-403 Set Screw M6x8
MEGA:600-305 Guide Bushing
MEGA:600-307 Index Pin 120 Degree See 600-210
MEGA:600-278 Set Screw M6x30
OPTIMA:1201 Hex Socket Screw M4 x 10
OPTIMA:1123 Hex Socket Screw M5 x 30
OPTIMA:114 Dressing Shaft
MEGA:600-630 Flat Head Screw M4xl2
OPTIMA:109 Drive Pulley
MEGA:600-353 Rear Motor Flange
MEGA:600-715 Collet Holder MP-20 Complete
OPTIMA 1305/1204 1305,1204, MM Tapered Roller Bearing..TR-30203=FAG
OPTIMA:1209 Set Screw M6 x 10 (See Optima #1104)
MEGA:600-559 Socket Cap Screw M5xl0
MEGA:600-551 Dowel Pin
MEGA:600-547 Retaining Ring
MEGA:600-538 Cup Seal
MEGA:600-533 Wheel Guard Lock Screw M5
MEGA:600-525 Scale
MEGA:600-518 Lock Screw
MEGA:600-461 7 - Power Lens
MEGA:600-460 10 - Power Lens
MEGA:600-401 Set Screw M5x6
MEGA:600-132 Bushing
MEGA:600-456 Lens Cover
OPTIMA:5-Z 5-Z 5-Z Rubber Sleeve
MEGA:600-388 Knob
Grinding Wheel #50 Grinding Wheel #50 120 Grit 3/16' Wide CBN 2' Diameter
DS350 DS350 Dressing Stick
Grinding Wheel #6-C Grinding Wheel #6-C, 40 Grit
MEGA:600-488 Socket Cap Screw M4x12
MEGA:600-480 Bulb Socket
MEGA:600-004 3 Power Lens
1412A 1412A   3.7 Volt
MEGA:600-722 Collet Pusher
Grinding Wheel #64 #64, 180 Grit 3/16" Wide Diamond 2' Dia.
Grinding Wheel #61 Grinding Wheel #61 240 Grit 1/8' Wide Diamond 2' Diameter
MEGA:600-475 Socket Cap Screw
MEGA:600-103 Bearing Housing
MEGA:600-484 Viewing Screen Rubber Spacer
MEGA:600-555 Set Screw M6x8
MEGA:600-227 Socket Cap Screw M3x12
MEGA:600-317 Socket Cap Screw M6x25
OPTIMA:104 Motor Shaft
MEGA-600-124 Elastic Stop Nut M20x1
MEGA:600-457 Lens Holder
OPTIMA:105-N Screw M6 x 10 - Not Machined
OPTIMA:527 Scale Bushing
OPTIMA:110 Bearing Plate
OPTIMA:1101-A Ball Head (Large)
MEGA:600-464 Hood Extension
110234 Small Labels for our Grinding wheels
MEGA:600-453 Large Mirror Flange
MEGA:600-495 Hex Nuts M10 0.8d
MEGA:600-108 Cam
MEGA:600-795 Set Screw M6x4
MEGA:600-536 Ball Bearing
OPTIMA:108 Rear Motor Flange
MEGA:600-522 Scale
MEGA:600-717 Collet Pusher
MEGA:600-772 Collet, 24.0mm
MEGA:600-458 Lens Clamp
MEGA:600-773 Collet, 26.0mm
Grinding Wheel #65 Grinding Wheel #65 240 Grit 3/16' Wide Diamond 2' Diameter
MEGA:600-554 Set Screw M6xl2
Housing Housing's only
OPTIMA:519 Base
MEGA:600-459 Comparator
1826 Tranformer, 6V 1826 Transformer, 6V
MEGA:600-454 Small Mirror Flange
MEGA:600-254 Friction Wheel Shaft
MEGA:600-318 Socket Cap Screw M3x8
required tool holder  x     4sm  
Part Catalog Part Catalog with pricing
OPTIMA1102 Schnorr Spring
OPTIMA Universal Dill Driller " OPTIMA Universal Dill Driller "
S-4062/JT01 6X6X6 Cube Box 25/1800
MEGA:600-378 Rotor
MEGA:600-357 Inner Wheel Guard
MEGA:600-396 Roll Pin, M2x8
MEGA:600-120 Solenoid
MEGA:600-487 Socket Cap Screw M3x10 See #1302
S-4122 S-4122 , 12 X12 X 6 Flat Box 25/500..
Hood Extention Hood Extension for covering viewing screen
MEGA:600-272 Socket Cap Screw M3x8
OPTIMA:1854 Cord Restraint
OPTIMA:1510-1 Holding Ball (Large)
MEGA:600-208 Thrust Nut
MEGA:600-122 O-Ring 36x3mm
MEGA:600-741 Collet, 6.0mm
Grinding Wheel #72 120 Grit 3/8" Wide (BND) CBN
Grinding Wheel #60 Grinding Wheel #60180 Grit 1/8 Wide Diamond 2' Diameter
Tap & Die Set 45 PCS. Titanuim Tap & Die Set 45 PCS. Titanium 60676
Grinding Wheel #41 Grinding Wheel #41  60 Grit 180 1/8' Wide Diamond 2' Diameter
MEGA:600-542 Thinning Wheel
required tool holder x     4ll Required tool holder x  4 small
MEGA:600-491 Set Screw M5x6
MEGA:600-384 "O" Ring
OPTIMA:1505 Slotted Screw M4 x 8
MEGA:600-400 Set Screw M4x4
MEGA:600-404 Set Screw M8x8
MEGA:600-387 Knob
MEGA:600-386 Compression Spring
OPTIMA 105 Screw OPTIMA 105 Screw
OPTIMA:1115 Compressing spring
MEGA:600-720 Swing Arm Less Collets Mp-30
MEGA:600-719 Threaded Insert
Grinding Wheel #56 CBN Grinding Wheel #56  240 Grit
Grinding Wheel #51 Grinding Wheel #51 180 Grit 3/16' Wide CBN 2' Diameter
OPTIMA:113 Shim
MEGA:600-225 Socket Cap Screw M6x25
RBN000085 Grinding Wheel #53 , 120 Grit 1/4` Wide CBN
OPTIMA:1117 Dressing Diamond
CARBIDE Carbide Inserts
MEGA:600-452 Small Mirror Mounting
DNMG432JT850 DNMG432JT850
Grinding Wheel #0-C Grinding Wheel #0-C 100 Grit Ceramic
MEGA:600-762 Collet, 18.0mm
MEGA:600-763 Collet, 19.0mm
MEGA:600-770 Collet Set, Mp-30
MEGA:600-764 Collet, 20.0mm
MEGA:600-761 Collet, 17.0mm
MEGA:600-780 Collet set 1.0 - 6.5mm .0394 - .2559 (New Style)
MEGA:600-750 Collet Set 7-20mm .2756 - .7874
OPTIMA:OPTIMA1506` Anti-Friction Bearing ULZ-1910
MEGA:600-760 Collet, 16.0mm
MEGA:600-414 Hex Jam Nut M8
MEGA:600-451 Large Mirror Mounting
MEGA:600-455 Projection Hood
OPTIMA:102-B Grinding Wheel Flange without Balancing Weights Sold as set (101 & 102)
MEGA:600-501 Base
MEGA:600-492 Set Screw M5xl2
MEGA:600-771 Collet, 22.0mm
MEGA:MEGA-POINT Mega-Point Machine
MEGA:VAC BAGS VMCA400 Mega-vac bags
MEGA:600-775 Collet, 30.0mm
MEGA:600-739 Collet, 5.0mm
MEGA:600-736 Collet, 3.5mm
MEGA:600-609 Drawer
OPTIMA:704 Bracket
MEGA:600-605 Capacitor, 110v
MEGA:600-564 Hex Nut M6l
MEGA:600-725 Swingarm Mp-30 Complete
MEGA:600-752 Collet, 8.0mm
MEGA:600-624 Machine Light
MEGA:600-629 Socket Cap Screw M4xl0
MEGA:600-737 Collet, 4.0mm
OPTIMA:501 Swivel Member
MEGA:600-408 Socket Cap Screw M5x12
MEGA:600-753 Collet, 9.0mm
MEGA:600-735 Collet, 3.0mm
MEGA:600-537 Ball Bearing
MEGA:600-612 Nameplate
OPTIMA:OPTMAN Optima Users Manual
MEGA:600-535 Ratchet Lever
MEGA:600-738 Collet, 4.5mm
OPTIMA:409 Rail
MEGA:600-754 Collet, 10.0mm
MEGA:600-740 Collet, 5.5mm
OPTIMA:411 Blocking Screw
OPTIMA:402 Adjusting Ring
MEGA:600-530 Ratchet Lever
MEGA:600-713 Collet Holder Grip
MEGA:600-621 Rubber Mat
OPTIMA:305 Upper Swivel Arm (Sold as assembly 305,306,307)
MEGA:600-409 Socket Cap Screw M6x16
MEGA:600-755 Collet, 11.0mm
MEGA:600-711 Collet Holder Body Mp-6.5
MEGA:600-529 Ratchet Lever
MEGA:600-539 Compression Spring
MEGA:600-540 Compression Spring
MEGA:600-468 Viewing Screen
MEGA:600-545 Seal
MEGA:600-546 Washer
MEGA:600-756 Collet, 12.0mm
MEGA:600-623 Electric Cord
MEGA:600-121 Foot Switch
MEGA:600-411 Flat Head Screw M6x16
OPTIMA:523 Sealing Washer
MEGA:600-757 Collet, 13.0mm
1/2` "B" Style Collet 1/2` "B" Style Collet
OPTIMA Optima Drill Grinder
OPTIMA:1206 Hex Socket Screw M4 x 15
MEGA:600-516 Spacer
MEGA:600-548 Retaining Ring
MEGA:600-558 Socket Cap Screw M3x8
OPTIMA:602 Friction Wheel Shaft
OPTIMA:606 Contact
OPTIMA:608-A Large Grooved Screw
MEGA:600-526 Depth Lock
1-9909 Capacitor 1-9909 OPTIMA P/N 1833
MEGA:600-513 Split Ring
MEGA:600-312 Compression Spring
MEGA:600-512 Feed Thimble
MEGA:600-602 Bottom Cover
MEGA:600-479 Spring Plunger
OPTIMA Parts Manual OPTIMA Parts Manual
MEGA:600-482 "O" Ring, 9x1.78
MEGA:600-561 M3 x 8
MEGA:600-261 Micro Switch
MEGA:600-520 Clamp Plate
OPTIMA:1110 Set Screw M6 x 30
OPTIMA:1801 Drill Chuck  4 Jaws  .0125 - .2559 Dia
OPTIMA:1113 Hex Socket Screw M5 x 12
OPTIMA:1801-R Drill Chuck  4 Jaws  .0125 - .2559 Dia (Refurbished)
S-4122/JT02 12X12X6 Flat Box 25/500
OPTIMA:1303 Countersunk Screw M3 x 15
OPTIMA:OPTIMA1506 Anti - Friction Bearing  ULZ - 1910
1.0 6   6.5 -mm 0394-v.2559 New 1.0 6   6.5 -mm 0394-v.2559 New
MEGA:600-515 Bearing Clamp
OPTIMA:1202 Hex Nut M16
OPTIMA:1207-A Slotted Screw M5 x 30
MEGA:600-517 Wheel Guard
OPTIMA:1801:ER-11 Collet Set Set 13
OPTIMA:112 Dressing Lever (Optima)
S-4062 6 x 6 x 6 Boxes
MEGA:600-397 Dowel Pin, 5x20
OPTIMA:1809M-B2 Metric  4.5 - 5.0
MEGA:600-509 Depth Shaft
OPTIMA:1809M-B6 Metric  10.0 - 10.5
ER-11 1-1.5 ER-11  1-1.5
MEGA:600-524 Indicator
MEGA:600-521 Bearing Cover
Grinding Wheel #2-C 120 Grit Grinding Wheel
S-5944 Fragile Stickers
MEGA:600-758 Collet, 14.0mm
Grinding Wheel #5-C Grinding Wheel #5-C
MEGA:600-221 Knob
OPTIMA:1106 Set Screw M6 x 8
MEGA:600-412 Flat Head Screw M4x8
Dressing Stick 320 Dressing Stick 320
MEGA:600-508 Clamp Cone
OPTIMA:1109 Hex Socket Screw M6 x 10
OPTIMA:1809M-B22 Metric  18.5 - 19.0
OPTIMA:1104 Set Screw M6 x 10
Grinding Wheel #52 Grinding Wheel #52 240 Grit 3/16' Wide CBN 2' Diameter
MEGA:600-510 Feed Sleeve
OPTIMA:1809M-B17 Metric  16.0 - 16.5
OPTIMA:115 Shaft
MEGA:600-523 Scale
OPTIMA:1809-B19 9/16" .5625
MEGA:600-502 Horizontal Slide Bracket
Grinding Wheel #53 Grinding Wheel #53 120 Grit 1/4' Wide
Collet Set 1807-B Collet Set ...6094/.7500   39/64 - 3/4..B-Style Inch
Grinding Wheel #67 Grinding Wheel #67 180 Grit 1/4' Wide Diamond 2' Diameter
Grinding Wheel #71 400 Grit 3/16" Wide Diamond 2" Diameter
MEGA:600-504 Bearing Housing
Grinding Wheel #57 Grinding Wheel #57 120 Grit 3/8' Wide (plt)
MEGA:600-759 Collet, 15.0mm
MEGA:600-503 Vertical Arm
1412 Veiwing Screen 6" Clear Round Glass Pattern Cut With Polished Edges
MEGA:600-506 Scale
OPTIMA:1801:Drill Chuck Drill Chuck Holder
TPG-322 JT-C-5 TPG-322 JT-C-5 Carbide Inserts
MEGA:600-505 Swing Arm
MEGA:600-514 Point Thinning Shaft
OPTIMA:1802-2 Tension Sleeve
Grinding Wheel #4-C Grinding Wheel #4C, 180 Grit
MEGA:600-519 Depth Screw
MEGA:600-511 Shaft Housing
OPTIMA:1809M-B9 Metric  12.0 - 12.5
OPTIMA:1703 Hex Socket Screw M6 x 20 (See Optima #1105)
MEGA:600-483 "O" Ring, 10x6.5
Grinding Wheel #62 Grinding Wheel #62 Diamond 400 Grit
OPTIMA:1801-2 Tension Sleeve
OPTIMA:1815-1 Pushnut For Foot Pedal
OPTIMA:519-C Scale Ring for Base
OPTIMA:1608 Hex Socket Screw M4 x 10 (See Optima #1201)
MEGA:600-145 Socket Cap Screw M5x10
Collet 12.5-13 Collet 12.5-13  converts to 31/64' to .500
OPTIMA:201 Swivel Head
OPTIMA:1302 Hex Socket Screw M3 x 10
OPTIMA:OPTIMA 6-C 6-C, 40 Grit Ceramic Main Grinding Wheel
OPTIMA:1702 Draw Spring
OPTIMA:604 Detent
TNMO-432 JT-C5 TNMO-432 JT-C5
OPTIMA:1808-1 Drill Holder w/17 Fractional Collets #2,#3 Mores Taper Sleeve .750-1.0 C Size
MEGA:600-405 Set Screw M8x16
MEGA:600-410 Flat Head Screw M5x12
OPTIMA:1607-B Notched Pin
OPTIMA:Op-Felt Felt Washer
Grinding Wheel #66 Grinding Wheel #66 120 Grit 1/4' Wide Diamond 2' Diameter
OPTIMA:1809M-B13 Metric  14.0 - 14.5
OPTIMA:1828 Switch for optics
MEGA:600-534 Drive Screw
OPTIMA:1609 Compressing Spring
OPTIMA:1680 Hex Socket Screw M4 x 10 (See Optima #1201)
OPTIMA:1806 Collet Holder W/10 Collets .394/.590” Dia
OPTIMA:1802-R Drill Chuck  4 Jaws  .2362 - .3937 Dia (Refurbished)
OPTIMA:102-A Grinding Wheel Flange w/Balancing Weights
OPTIMA:1809M-B7 Metric  11.0 - 11.5
OPTIMA:1809M-B10 Metric  12.5 - 13.0
0015785 0015785. Description SU-246 Shape TL3, Volts 3.8 Base E10 ..Mini Screw, Mfg., Sunray Mfg 246 Clear
OPTIMA:1809M-C4 Metric 21.0 - 21.5
OPTIMA:1801-5 Bushing Lock Nut
OPTIMA:1809M-A3 Metric  12.5 - 13.0  .4921 - .5118
OPTIMA:1802-5 Bushing Lock Nut
OPTIMA:1861 Replacement Spring Kit
OPTIMA:1802-1 Set Of 4 Jaws
OPTIMA:1809M-C2 Metric 20.0 - 20.5
OPTIMA:1809M-A5 Metric  15.0 - 15.5  .5906 - 6102
OPTIMA:1801-7 Spacer Washer
OPTIMA:1809M-C1 Metric 19.5 - 20.0
OPTIMA:1809M-C3 Metric 20.5 - 21.0
OPTIMA:302 Scale Ring
MEGA:600-117 Indexing Ring
OPTIMA:206 Cam
OPTIMA:1830-2 Indicator Light Mount
OPTIMA:203 Slotted Disc
OPTIMA:609 Rubber Wheel
OPTIMA:1809-B5 37/64" .5781
OPTIMA:1701 Hex Nut M8 (See Optima #1116)
TCGT21.51  JT-C5 TCGT21.51  JT-C5
OPTIMA:1102 Schnorr Spring
MEGA:600-507 Guide Sleeve
OPTIMA:1809-B13 23/32" .7188
OPTIMA:1809M-B3 Metric  5.5 - 6.0
OPTIMA:1801-4 Draw Bushing
OPTIMA:1809-B10 43/64" .6719
OPTIMA:1809M-B5 Metric  9.5 - 10.0
OPTIMA:1807-B Set of 8 Collets  .590 - .750  Dia
602 Friction Wheel Shaftriction Wheel Shaft
OPTIMA:1809M-A8 Metric  18.0 - 18.5  .7087 - .7283
OPTIMA:1809-B20 27/64" .4219
OPTIMA:1809-B18 39/64" .6094
OPTIMA:1827 Motor Power Switch (Lever Style including switch plate)
OPTIMA:514 Threaded Nipple
OPTIMA:1809-B2 33/64" .5156
OPTIMA:1809M-B15 Metric  15.0 - 15.5
OPTIMA:1809-A 3/4"
OPTIMA:1805-6 Locking Handle For 1805 Tool Holder
OPTIMA:1855 Paper Spacer For #1413
OPTIMA:519-D Set Screw for Scale Ring
OPTIMA:1809-B17 31/64" .4844
OPTIMA:1809M-B20 Metric  17.5 - 18.0
OPTIMA:1850 Hex Wrench Set
OPTIMA:1809-B11 11/16" .6875
OPTIMA:1809-B12 45/64" .7031
OPTIMA:1809-B15 3/4" .7500
OPTIMA:1809-B1 1/2" .5000
OPTIMA:1809-B7 5/8" .6250
OPTIMA:1846 125 Volt, 15 Amp Electrical Plug
OPTIMA:107 Motor Flange
MEGA:600-469 Contact Lens, 24mm
OPTIMA:1805-1 Collet Holder Body
OPTIMA:211 Shaft
OPTIMA:1516 Hex Socket Screw M6 x 20 (See Optima #1105)
OPTIMA:512 Guard
OPTIMA:1601 Set Screw M4 x 8
OPTIMA:1829 Holder for fuses
OPTIMA:1802-8 Retaining Ring M15
OPTIMA:1802-6 Locking Handle
OPTIMA:1405 Large Mirror
OPTIMA:1419 Slotted Screw M4 x 6
OPTIMA:1408-A Magnifier, 10 Power
OPTIMA:1814 Clip For Dust Guard
Grinding Wheel #3-C Grinding Wheel #3-C, 60 Grit CBN
OPTIMA:1607-A Draw Spring
OPTIMA:405-B Threaded Piece For Magnifier (10 Power)
OPTIMA:1510-2 Holding Ball (Small)
OPTIMA:1303-A Slotted Screw M3 x 30
OPTIMA:1514 Compressing Spring
OPTIMA:1842 Studs And Balls For #319 (New Style)
OPTIMA:1848 Dressing Tool 171 RK
OPTIMA:1809M-B8 Metric  11.5 - 12.0
OPTIMA:1801-8 Retaining Ring M12
OPTIMA:208 Thrust Nut
OPTIMA:1512 Washer
OPTIMA:1815 Foot Switch for Swivel Arm
OPTIMA:1513 Set Screw M6 x 8 (Dog Point)
OPTIMA:1853 Cord Grip Plug
OPTIMA:405-A Threaded Piece For Magnifier (10 Power)
OPTIMA:1830-1 Signal Light Bulb For Point Thinner
OPTIMA:3Z Rubber Sleeve
OPTIMA:1827-B Motor Switch Complete - Round Pushbutton
OPTIMA:1805-1A Sleeve For Type A Collet
OPTIMA:1824 Upper & Lower Swivel Arm Complete, 2 Or 3 Flute
OPTIMA:1821 Comparators, New Style (Pair)
OPTIMA:1503 Hex Nut M6  (left)
OPTIMA:1401 Set Screw M6 x 6 (See Optima #1310)
OPTIMA:1819 Complete 5-10 Power Conversion Kit, Installed
OPTIMA:320 Guide Screw
OPTIMA:406 Mirror Flange (small)
OPTIMA:1507 Countersunk Screw M2 x 5
OPTIMA:1816-8 Swage Fitting
OPTIMA:519-B Base with Scale Ring
OPTIMA:1606 Slotted Screw M4 x 12
OPTIMA:1504 M6 x 12mm OD DIN 125
OPTIMA:1816-7 Adapter Housing
OPTIMA:516 Upper Adjusting Arm
OPTIMA:1409 Set Screw M4 x 6
OPTIMA:1817 30-Power Loupe
OPTIMA:1417 Washer M4.2
OPTIMA:1402 Hex Socket Screw M4 x 15 (See Optima #1206)
OPTIMA:1408-B Magnifier, 5 Power
OPTIMA:1823 Upper & Lower Swivel Arm Complete
OPTIMA:1122 Set Screw M3 x 3
OPTIMA:1416-A Contact Lens M24, New Style
OPTIMA:1818 Complete 5-10 Power Conversion Kit
OPTIMA:1820 Lens/thinning wheel attachment
OPTIMA:1404 Small Mirror
OPTIMA:1809-B16 13/32" .4062
OPTIMA:402-B Adjusting Ring (Small)
OPTIMA:1801-3 Chuck Housing
MEGA:600-734 Collet, 2.5mm
MEGA:600-732 Collet, 1.5mm
OPTIMA:1860 Set Screw M4 x 4 (Cone Tip)
OPTIMA:1508 Rocker Arm  M10 x 10
OPTIMA:1847 Point Thinning Attachment Complete (Includes from #515 and up)
OPTIMA:1841 Package Of Fuses (5 Per Pkg.) Each
OPTIMA:1418 Hex Socket Screw M4 x 15 (See Optima #1206)
OPTIMA:301 Lower Swivel Arm
OPTIMA:1603 Countersunk Screw M3 x 10
OPTIMA:1604 Dowel Pin  M5 x 12
OPTIMA:1826 Transformer, 6V
MEGA:600-610 Drawer Insert
OPTIMA:1306 Set Screw M6 x 6 (Cone Tip)
OPTIMA:318 Segment Ring (Sold in Pair)
MEGA:600-463 3 - Power Loupe
OPTIMA:1844 Swivel Bushing Spring
OPTIMA:1816-6 Ferrule
Dressing Stick 150 Dressing Stick 150 Grit
OPTIMA:Wheel Guard Wheel Guard
OPTIMA:1303-C Countersunk Screw M3 x 15
OPTIMA:1305 Tapered Roller Bearing  30203 (See Optima #1204)
OPTIMA:1309 Rocker Arm Handle M8 x 40
OPTIMA:1310 Set Screw M6 x 6
OPTIMA:1816-4 Tension Screw
OPTIMA:1837 Balancing Arbor
OPTIMA:1826-A Transformer, 3.7V
OPTIMA:319 Blocking Nut
OPTIMA:1304 Taper Pin
OPTIMA:1406 Intermediate Piece
OPTIMA:705 Bolt II
TNGA-2.522 C-5 TNGA-2.522 C-5
OPTIMA:1863 "Attention" Rotation Plate
OPTIMA:1813 Dust Guard
OPTIMA:1816-5 Hex Nut M6
MEGA:600-381 Spring Washer
Cedit Memo Refund
MEGA:600-377 Stator
OPTIMA:1308 Round Cord Ring
OPTIMA:1809-B14 47/64" .7344
OPTIMA:1602 Ball Bearing 608zz
OPTIMA:1301 Hex Socket Screw M3 x 12
CNMG-431 JT-5 CNMG-43CNMG-431 JT-51 JT-5
OPTIMA:205 Locking Stop
Repair Repair / shipping machine
MEGA:600-382 Spring Washer
OPTIMA:202 Bearing Bushing
MEGA:600-730 Collet Set 1.0-6.5mm .0394 - 2559 MP-6.5
OPTIMA:1515 Seeger Sirclip
OPTIMA:522 Compressing Spring
OPTIMA:1311 Taper Pin
OPTIMA:1840 Projection Head
OPTIMA:1839 Flexible Drive Shaft
OPTIMA:1809M-B18 Metric  16.5 - 17.0
TPG-321 JT-C-5 TPG-321 JT-C-5
1412 Projection Bulbs 1412, 6 Volt 18 Watt
OPTIMA:1809M-C5 Metric 22.5 - 23.0
TPG-432 JT-5  TIN TPG-432 JT-5 TIN
MEGA:600-383 Cup Seal
OPTIMA:1809-B6 19/32" .5938
OPTIMA:518 Nonius Pin
110235 Large Labels for our Grinding wheels
OPTIMA:405-C Threaded Piece For Magnifier (5 Power)
OPTIMA:1502 Set Screw M6 x 10 (Cone Tip) (See Optima #1205)
OPTIMA:1509 Notched Pin
OPTIMA:319-A Ball Handle
OPTIMA:403-B Thrust Piece (Small)
OPTIMA:403 Thrust Piece
OPTIMA:1407 Set Screw M6 x 6 (See Optima #1310)
OPTIMA:1865 Wiring Block
OPTIMA:321 Swivel Bolt
OPTIMA:513-1 Snap Ring For Part #513
OPTIMA:526 Rocker Arm
OPTIMA:1312 Spring Washer
OPTIMA:1511 Rocker Arm
OPTIMA:317 Feed Nut
OPTIMA:524 Rocker Arm
OPTIMA:1501 Ball Bearing 3201
OPTIMA:1403 Set Screw M6 x 6 (See Optima #1310)
OPTIMA:707 Locking Pin (Includes Guide Bushing 708, Sold as Set)
OPTIMA:510 Adjusting Nut
OPTIMA:1845 Electrical Cord
OPTIMA:315 Indexing Pin for 2 flute drills
OPTIMA:1836 Complete Cam Plate Assembly
OPTIMA:505-2 Socket Cap Screw M6 x 12
OPTIMA:412 Screw
OPTIMA:481 6V 10W Halogen Bulbs (1 Per Pack) For Magnifier Arm - Required to by 5 at a time
OPTIMA:315-B Indexing Pin 2 Hole
OPTIMA:1809M-B1 Metric  4.0 - 4.5
OPTIMA:502 Clamping Disc
OPTIMA:304 Stop Nut
OPTIMA:610 Spring
OPTIMA:314 Draw Bushing (Sold as assembly 312, 313, 314)
OPTIMA:310 Clamping Nut
OPTIMA:316 Covering Ring
OPTIMA:505 Depth Stop Shaft
OPTIMA:315-A Indexing Pin 3 hole
OPTIMA:308 Spacing Sleeve
OPTIMA:401 Cover
OPTIMA:1834-1 Stator
OPTIMA:501-A Swivel Member, New Style
OPTIMA:1834 Rotor
OPTIMA:1816-1 Cable & Housing Assembly
OPTIMA:410 Slide
OPTIMA:311 Stop
OPTIMA:504 Depth Stop Screw
OPTIMA:608-B Small Grooved Screw
OPTIMA:313 Swivel (Sold as assembly 312, 313, 314)
OPTIMA:607 Insulating Bushing
OPTIMA:312 Guide (Sold as assembly 312, 313, 314)
OPTIMA:701 Holding Bushing
OPTIMA:505-A Depth Stop New Style
OPTIMA:605 Switch
OPTIMA:505-1 Clamping Disc for 505-A
OPTIMA:603 Washer
OPTIMA:601 Cam Plate
OPTIMA:530 Segment
OPTIMA:528 Setting Cover
OPTIMA:407 Mirror Flange (large)
OPTIMA:520 Cone
OPTIMA:1410 Lamp Bracket  (pair)
OPTIMA:1411 Shielding Screen
OPTIMA:517 Point Thinning Adjusting Plate
OPTIMA:515 Lower Adjusting Arm
OPTIMA:1810-1 Threaded Ring Only
MEGA:600-474 Flat Head Screw M10x40
OPTIMA:507 Sleeve
OPTIMA:506 Point Thinning Arm
OPTIMA:509 Knurled Screw
MEGA:600-466 Large Mirror
MEGA:600-467 Small Mirror
OPTIMA:1832 Motor Reset Switch
MEGA:600-723 Collet Clamp
OPTIMA:505-B Depth Shaft Stop Old Style
OPTIMA:1809M-C6 Metric 23.0 - 23.5
OPTIMA:1835 Ventilator Blade
OPTIMA:1815-M Foot Switch For Swivel Arm
OPTIMA:513-2 Spring Washer  17.5 x 10 x .2mm
OPTIMA:511 Guide Washer
OPTIMA:1816 Cable Assembly Only For Foot Switch
OPTIMA:1809M-B19 Metric  17.0 - 17.5
OPTIMA:1831 Switch For Signal Light #1830
OPTIMA:1816-3 Cable Connector
OPTIMA:508 Bearing Sleeve
OPTIMA:513 Point Thinning Shaft
Grinding Wheel #58 Grinding Wheel #58  120 Grit1/4' Wide CBN 15  Degree Angle for Parabolic Drills
OPTIMA:1809M-B21 Metric  18.0 - 18.5
OPTIMA:1809M-B16 Metric  15.5 - 16.0
OPTIMA:1833 Capacitor 1-9909
OPTIMA:1862 Spanner Wrench
OPTIMA:1809M-B12 Metric  13.5 - 14.0
OPTIMA:1208-A Set Screw M4 x 5 (Cone Tip)
OPTIMA:1809M-B26 Metric  9.0 - 9.5
OPTIMA:1303-B Hex Socket Screw M3 x 15
OPTIMA:709 Brass Pin
OPTIMA:Loaner Loaner Machine
OPTIMA:309 Tension Nut
OPTIMA:1830-3 Indicator Light Cap
OPTIMA:711 Countersunk Screw M8 x 50
OPTIMA:1815-E Electronic Foot Switch For Swivel Arm
OPTIMA:1811 Collet Only For Clamping Ring
OPTIMA:306 Swivel Bushing (Sold as assembly 305,306,307)
OPTIMA:1809M-C7 Metric 23.5 - 24.0
OPTIMA:1812 #2 Or #3 Morse Taper Sleeve
Dressing Stick 220 Dressing Stick 220 Grit
OPTIMA:1813A 1813A Regular Dust Guard. Aluminum
MEGA:600-731 Collet, 1.0mm
Single Collet 39/64 Single Collet
MEGA:600-380 Rear Bearing
OPTIMA:1810 Clamping Ring & Collet For .750/1.000” Holder
MEGA:600-379 Front Bearing
S-2573 Green A.S. Peanuts - 7 CU Feet Part number JT14
S-1292 3x4, 2MIL Relishable Bag 1M/CT Part #JT05
required tool holder x     4 required tool holder~small
OPTIMA110 OPTIMA110 Bearing Plate
OPTIMA 112 Dressing Lever (OPTIMA)
MEGA:600-733 Collet, 2.0mm
OPTIMA:Refurbished Refurbished Machine SN#
OPTIMA:OPTIMA1849 OPTIMA1849   Wheel Balancing Weights with screws
OPTIMA:1119 Seeger Sirclip
OPTIMA:703 Bolt I
OPTIMA:1809M-B23 Metric  19.0 - 19.5